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Medical Assistant Classes For A New Career

What EXACTLY do you learn in medical assistant classes? Before we jump into addressing this question, remember that career schools focus on getting you ready for your CAREER. So, all your classes will teach what you need to know to be a medical assistant, without wasting your time with unrelated electives. 

What Exactly ARE Medical Assistant Classes?

Working in the medical field, you’ll need to learn many medical terms. Apart from laying a foundation of knowledge of important medical terms, the focus will also be on all the procedures and skills necessary to work in a medical office, clinic, nursing home or other medical facilities. You’ll likely have multiple classes to cover all this specialized medical knowledge. More and more, healthcare depends on computers. Therefore, many of the courses focus on technology skills. Additionally, you’ll need to know the basics of insurance, billing, and medical ethics. Here’s a list of some of the classes you’ll take in a medical assistant program:

  • Communications
  • Computer Literacy
  • Elementary Typing and Keyboarding
  • Insurance
  • Coding and Bookkeeping
  • Ethics
  • Medical Terms
  • Medical Lab Procedures
  • Pharmacology

Professionals in the field teach all of these classes, to ensure you get the best preparation possible! These instructors know what’s it like to REALLY work in the healthcare field. So, you can trust they’re providing you information that will help you in your career.

What About Learning Outside The Classroom? 

With your Medical Assistant Externship, you’ll get on-the-job experience in a healthcare facility—it’s your chance to practice your new skills in the real world and outside the boring classroom. Many students use their externships to get their first real job after graduation. To learn more, check out what else we’d like to share about the medical assistant program. 

How Can Medical Assistant Classes Help Me? 

Medical assistant classes at Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers could lead to a successful medical assistant career! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is growing MUCH faster than average. Plus, it’s a CAREER, not just a job. You could have a regular schedule, a good salary, and benefits. Prepare yourself for the job search by taking medical assistant classes. Having qualified training could help you stand out compared to other job applicants. 

Learning new skills can have additional benefits. Psychologists report learning something new can help make you happier. According to Harvard Medical School, it can make you healthier as well. They passed along research showing that learning not only makes you smarter—it can slow the effects of aging on your brain. It turns out that medical assistant classes can improve your life in more ways than one!

Medical Assistant Classes At Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers 

You might have a choice of where to prepare for your career. However, if you’re looking for Pensacola schools—look no further than Pensacola School of Massage Training and Health Careers. At PSMTHC, our staff wants to see you THRIVE. We’re here for you from the first steps of admissions to your eventual job search

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