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  • Medical AssistantMedical Assistant

    With an anticipted growth rate of 30.9%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has placed Medical Assistant on its jobs that it expects to see the highest growth in the US between 2010 and 2020.

    Approximate Completion Time:

    7.5 months

    Why Medical Assistant Training at PSMTHC?

    This program is designed to prepare students for a broad spectrum of entry-level positions in the Medical Assistant field. The student will learn the clinical as well as the administrative aspects of medical assisting. The students will gain lab & clinical competencies, including phlebotomy techniques, 12 lead EKG procedures, specimen collection, infection control & safety measures, vital signs, and assisting with minor office surgery and physical exams. The students will gain administrative competencies in medical bookkeeping, medical insurance billing & coding, medical records, medical office software, and medical office ethics. The students will study appropriate anatomy & physiology, and medical terminology. The student will be able to perform injections, and master basic dosage calculations. The externship is designed to enhance the skills learned in the classroom by allowing the student first hand experience in a medical office environment as part of the curriculum.

    The Opportunities

    Facilities such as clinics, physician’s offices and laboratories are among the many employment opportunities for medical assistants. Students completing this program can work in various aspects of the field such as Clinical Assistant, EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Lab Assistant, Medical Records, Personal Care Attendant, Medical Receptionist, Medical Secretary, and Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants can work in a variety of different settings including but not limited to: physicians’ offices, clinics, labs, hospitals, hospices and retirement homes.

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  • Massage TherapyMassage Therapy

    This program is designed to provide the student with the theory and practice of massage therapy, incorporating a variety of recognized modalities.

    Approximate Completion Time:
    8 months day / 8 months night

    Why Massage Therapy Training at PSMTHC?

    This program is designed to provide the student with the theory and practice of massage therapy, including a number of different types of massage. The graduate of this program should be well prepared to take and pass the National Licensure Exam to become a licensed Florida Massage Therapist. The successful applicant should possess a high school diploma or the equivalent and have the desire to become a licensed massage therapist.

    The classes will inform students about the body and its functions related to massage. Instruction in numerous modalities of massage will provide a complete, well-rounded health care background.  As a professional massage therapist, employment opportunities abound.  Physical rehabilitation centers, chiropractic clinics, health clubs, resort spas, cruise ships, university athletic departments, beauty salons, corporate offices, hospitals, and private practices all reflect the growing demand for well-trained massage therapists.

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