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Our Placement Office maintains complete records of available positions and graduates’ qualifications.

The services of the Placement Office are available to graduates of all programs. Whereas no reputable school guarantees a job to any student, special effort is made to place all graduates in positions for which they are best qualified.

Placement services are available at no additional cost to Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers graduates and include the following services:
  • Help in preparing a resume, typing services (limited), and copies as required (within reasonable amounts);
  • Advice on preparing for the interview; grooming; interview techniques, etc.;
  • Current job openings and potential employer lists;
  • Reference materials are available to students regarding job markets, interviewing, preparing a portfolio and preparing a resume’; and,
  • Referrals through notices of job openings (written and verbal) communicated to the college office.

All students seeking placement must submit a resume’ to the Placement Office during their final module prior to graduation. When possible, the Placement Office will arrange interviews for students seeking assistance in job placement.