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Learn why people choose the medical asssistant program at Pensacola School of Massage Therapy & Health.

With everything going on in the year 2020 and continuing into 2021, many of us are feeling the need for some change. One great way the people are finding that change is by advancing their career, usually with the help of a career school. But why would people choose something like that? Well, there’s three main reasons:

  1. Looking for a Change
  2. Find Job Security
  3. To Make More Money

Let’s explore these one by one so you can see if a career training opportunity like the Medical Assistant program at PSMTHC might be right for you. 

Looking for a Change

One reason people choose our career college is simply because they’re looking for a change either in their career or in their life in general. And that’s great! One of the best ways to turn your life around is by getting a better job with more consistent hours that pays more and leaves you feeling more fulfilled each day! 

A career in the medical field could turn each one of your days into something exciting. The endless shifts of taking food orders or folding clothes is over. You would be able to connect to patients on a personal level and find purpose within your career. What higher calling is there than taking care of someone in need? Look into our medical assistant program to see if it’s the right fit for you! 

Find Job Security

With COVID-19 closing down stores and restaurants, there has never been less stability in the job market for those industries. While healthcare positions are in high demand! And why wouldn’t they be? They’re a necessity and couldn’t be more vital to our community. If you’re looking for job security, getting trained in the healthcare field is a smart career move. 

To Make More Money

Usually, when people make a change in their career, it’s because they want to make more money and have an easier life. Many of the people who choose our career college are coming right out of high school, or they wish to leave behind a difficult life of retail and foodservice. And our professionals want to help you make that change. 

How much money do medical assistants make? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assistants made a median pay of $34,800 a year in 2019. This amount of income can greatly benefit a person’s quality of life. Additionally, this career is expected to grow by 19% within the next decade, which is much faster than average when compared with other positions. This specifically means demand for the position is expected to steadily increase, so you should have an easier time finding a job in this position.

Enroll in Our Medical Assistant Program

Make a change with help from Pensacola School of Massage Therapy & Health Careers. At our school, we do all we can for the futures of our students. Look into more details about our medical assistant program and see if you should make a change in your future by changing your career. Not sure if you’re ready? Take our Career Readiness Quiz to see how prepared you are! Also, don’t be afraid to ask us about what we can do to make your experience easier. For example, feel free to get in contact with our admissions department to talk about financial assistance. We’ll be able to help you find out information about applying for financial aid. All you have to do is ask and see! 

Do you have a question for one of our professionals? If so, get in touch with us. Feel free to give us a call at (850) 474-1330, send an email to , or send us a message online. Our staff is happy to help you navigate through any questions you have and to help you make the best decision for your future.

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