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massage therapy career in pensacola

You’ve known for years that you’re good with your hands. You want to work in a career where you can utilize that skill and help people. It’s not a pipe dream! You could be working with your hands, helping people, and improving your life–all at once. All it requires is that you take the next step to launch a career in massage therapy. That starts with massage therapy training.

Training For A Massage Therapy Career in Pensacola

Massage therapy is a growing career, with new people learning about this therapy every day. It really works, really helps people, and is not expensive. This is why Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers has been around for so long. Not because of big endowments or donors, but because we provide real, tangible, value to students every single day.

Launching A Massage Therapy Career

A massage therapist can launch a career in Florida in less than a year. It can take as little as 8 months to get trained in massage therapy at the Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers. So, how do you launch a career in this field?

For one, you can get trained. But, that’s just the first step in an exciting journey! The next step is finding a market and figuring out how your career is going to take shape. Some important questions to ask:

  • What market will I work in?
  • Will I work for someone else or start my own business?
  • What sort of hours do I want to work?
  • Is there a niche I can occupy?
  • What is my advantage? What are my pricing guidelines?

Our team at Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers can give insight on how to make these decisions. We’ve seen students come through this campus for years with these questions.

Stepping Into Your New Career

Don’t play it safe. Life is about doing the big things, taking big steps, and moving forward with exciting ideas. Yes, it is time-consuming to launch a new career and to learn a new skill. But, you’ll always have that skill and that opens new doors for you.

Get Fired Up

It’s time to change your life! You’re ready. You’re doing research and looking into the logistics–don’t wait any longer to actually take the first step toward launching a new massage therapy career in Pensacola or surrounding areas.


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At PSMTHC, we want to see you thrive! Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. Spring outside your comfort zone and see how training for a new career could make all the difference in your life.