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We mostly hear the word investment in terms of finances circles. People invest money in stocks, portfolios, or companies to try to turn their money into more money. But what about investing in YOURSELF? Taking massage therapist training classes can be a worthwhile investment in your future. Do it with Pensacola School of Massage Therapy and Health Careers (PSMTHC).   

What Is An Investment?

Financial investments make money by accumulating interest or returns. Therefore the time and tuition you invest in your education should make you money by leading to a long, profitable career. We checked with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. report that the median salary of massage therapists is more than $40,000. We think that sounds like a pretty good return on investment! But there are also nonfinancial benefits to investing in massage training. 

An Investment In Your Future

Massage Therapist Classes—And Hands-On Training Classes

Are you ready to discover if massage therapy training classes are right for you?  Massage therapy students attend classes and learn from books. They need to know anatomy, psychology, as well as basic first aid and CPR. 

However, at PSMTHC, you’ll also get hands-on massage career therapy training. That means—in addition to getting classroom knowledge—you’ll get to practice on real people. At our massage therapy clinics, students see massage clients for 55-minute Swedish massages. It’s the perfect way to practice skills and prepare for work in a professional setting. 

Massage Training Is A Smart Financial Choice

When it comes to education, a career school like PSMTHC can give you more bang for your buck. 

  • First of all, the program doesn’t take years and years. Time is money, right? Well, whether you’re taking day or night classes, you can finish in as little as eight months in Pensacola. Less time in school means you’ll be out in the world.. 
  • Secondly, you won’t have to take general education classes. Every single course is completely related to your future career. This focused learning ultimately saves you time—and therefore, money. 
  • Lastly, financial aid is available to those who qualify. Our financial services staff can even help you with all the paperwork. 

Easy Access From Ensley, Ferry Pass, and Brent

PSMTHC is on Creighton Road in northeast Pensacola. You can find our campus just a short way from Interstate 10. That way, it’s an easy commute from nearly everywhere in Escambia County. So, if you live in Ensley, Ferry Pass, or Brent, or anywhere in the Pensacola area you should give us a call! 

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